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About Us
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Plant Needs organic fertilizers manufacturer

Plant Needs is a 100% Australian-owned and operated agri-consulting firm that started in 2006. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of organic fertilizers and soil amendments in Australia. Plant Needs’ founder is an Australian Indian with a vision of increasing sustainability and productivity in agriculture in order to preserve mother earth. We have researched world’s best soil improvement products and have introduced them to Australian farms. With our ongoing research will continue to bring many more advanced products and services to the homes of Australians.

Plant Needs products are the world’s best soil conditioners and soil nutrients, which can fit in to all crops with various growing conditions. Our principle is: healthy fertile soil = healthy plants = healthy foods.

Through our biological agro-inputs, we take farmers to the next level through harvesting atmospheric nitrogen and recycling soil nutrients. Plant Needs agronomists have shown the best performance of our products by conducting trials on apple, cherry, lemon, citrus, potato, blueberries, pineapples, and flower crops in and around Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, Queensland, and South Australia.

Our soil scientists are here to help you, so contact us today so that we can work together.

Now we are serving in all part of Australian farming area by sharing the information to improve soil fertility as its first.

PLANC and PLANO are the best soil conditioner will suits to all crops and various growing needs. These organic fertilizers are the origin of natural Neem Oil and Neem Cake which are helping the plants to grow healthy and to produce nutritious foods.

Plant Needs agronomist have shown the best performance of our products by conducting trials with PLANO and PLANC on Apple, Cherry, Potato, Blueberries, Pineapples and Flower Crops in and around Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Awareness to reduce harmful chemicals in day to day life, preference to use bio fertiliser, beneficial microbes by a natural way of agriculture is our main focus. Investing on research & development by focusing productive farm inputs by towering nutritious food is our goal.

Plant Needs’s experts are delivering high crop production with less expenses. We believe in doing agriculture in a sustainable way and also recycling nutrients to save our floras and fauna. Our consultants will test the soil for its nutrients and also for any pests and disease infestations in cropping area.

Our range of products along with a combined recommendation of world’s leading natural inputs is up to farmer’s satisfaction level.

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