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Crop Breath


Plant Needs Crop Breath aids in root respiration which is essential for water and nutrient absorption during photosynthesis.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Plant Needs Virgin coconut oil can be used can be used for baking, cooking, and body & hair care. Our coconut oil is cold pressed and free from chemicals making it great for quick heating , stir-frying and baking.

Fish N Phos


Fish N Phos is a key in crop production for opening the soil and plant fertility together at the same time , as it is a food for soil web whilst supplying nutrients to the to plants . This input is best suited for improving the soil strength.

Grow ‘n’ Save


Grow ‘n’ Save is an organic fertiliser, contains only 100% pure Neem Cake.



PLANC [Plant Needs Neem Cake ] is the material left after oil is squeezed out from Neem seeds and is popularly known as the 100% Neem seed cake.It acts as a bio fertiliser and soil conditioner by supplying the required nutrients to plants.



PLANO is Plant Needs Neem Oil , is a Natural product extracted from neem seeds, it contains sulphur, proteins, glycerides and trace elements. Recommended for all crops, seeds and seedlings.

Stop Borne


Stop Borne is an eco friendly, non toxic, universal disinfectant and biocide. It eliminates all types of pathogenic yeasts, moulds, fungi amoeba, bacteria, and virus.



Stubblex is a natural and safe product made organically with a consortium of cellulose and lignin decomposing enzymes specifically formulated to convert crop residues of post-harvest (stubble) in to Decomposed Organic Matter.

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