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Organic fertiliser

Organic Fertilizer

Improve Soil Fertility and Optimize Fertilizer Efficiency
Neem cake

Organic Neem Cake

Soil Conditioning and Detoxification by PLANC
Garden fertiliser

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Plant needs organic fertilizer suppliers

Leading supplier of Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments in Australia

Plant Needs is a 100% Australian-owned and operated agri-consulting firm that started in 2006. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of organic fertilizers and soil amendments in Australia. Plant Needs’ founder is an Australian Indian with a vision of increasing sustainability and productivity in agriculture in order to preserve mother earth.

We are a leading supplier and seller of organic fertilizers, fish meal, neem oil, neem cake for orchards, gardens, broad-acres, and farms across Australia.

Product Range
Featured Products
Neem oil 5 litre

PLANO is neem oil extracted from cold pressed neem seeds.

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Neem Cake Organic Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner

PLANC is a 100% Neem Cake Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner

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Organic Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner

Grow ‘N” Save is a garden fertiliser containing only 100% Neem Cake.

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Fish 'N' Phos - Liquid fish fertilizer

Fish ‘N’ Phos is a fish emulsion liquid fertiliser.

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Blood and Bone Fertiliser

Fish ‘N’ Bone is organic fish bone meal fertiliser.

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Fish 'N' N - Fish Meal Fertilizer

Fish ’N’ N is a high nitrogen fertiliser extracted from fish meal.

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Universal Disinfectant and Biocide 250 ml

Universal Disinfectant, Biocide and Surface Cleaner

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Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil

100% Organic Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil.

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Our Certificates

Australian Certified Organic

ACO Australia
(Only PLANCPLANO, Fish ‘N’ Phos and Grow “N’ Save)

Certified by OMRI

(Only PLANO and PLANC in USA)





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Neem Cake Fertiliser

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Neem oil is an essential oil extracted from the seeds of the neem tree that has been used since ancient times. Neem oil also acts…
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Unlock the Amazing Benefits of Neem Oil Fertiliser for Your Garden!

Unlock the Amazing Benefits of Neem Oil Fertilizer for Your Garden!

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Participation in Launch meeting of the International Network on Fertilizers Analysis (INFA)

Participation in launch meeting of the International Network on Fertilizers Analysis (INFA)

Plant Needs team successfully participated in the Launch meeting of the International Network on Fertilizers Analysis (INFA) implemented by FAO on 8 and 9 December…
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We believe in doing agriculture in a sustainable way and in recycling the nutrients

Our consultants will test the soil for its nutrients and also for any pests and disease infestations in cropping area. Get in touch with us now to increase your soil fertility.

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