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Water Testing in Melbourne

Various sources such as streams, bores, or dams provide water for agriculture. Depending on the source of water, it may have a variation in quality and may affect plants health and the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Water quality monitoring by testing it periodically helps to maintain a safe and reliable source.

Local councils purify water from wells, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs before it reaches consumers. While efforts are made to ensure safe water, achieving 100% purity at all times is impractical. The goal is to provide water as safe as possible, although there can be risks of contamination during transmission from the purification source.

At Plant Needs, we offer comprehensive drinking water testing services in and around Melbourne. To take the first step towards healthier water, reach out to us.

Ensure Safety of Water

You can select a basic, standard, or complete analytical pack based on your requirements and application. Plant Needs also provides quotes for custom tests on request.

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