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Soil Amendments

Explore our range of premium granulated soil amendments for your farms and gardens. Explore Granulated Dolomite, Fine Lime and Micronised Gypsum Clay Breaker.

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Calo Mate – Granular Dolomite Lime

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Enhance your cropping experience with Calo Mate, a premium granulated dolomite soil amendment. Crafted to meet the needs of plant enthusiasts, it supplies calcium and magnesium while adjusting soil pH. Simplify soil amendment with our fine granular formulation. Raise pH levels and create an ideal environment for plant growth. Maintain optimal pH levels effortlessly and watch your crops flourish with Calo Mate.

Micro Gyp – Micronised Gypsum Clay Breaker

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Experience the revolutionary power of Micro Gyp, a micronised gypsum clay breaker and nutrient-rich soil amendment. Unlock optimal plant growth and soil health with expertly bonded micronised gypsum particles. Enhance water holding capacity, boost root performance, and achieve remarkable results with minimal product usage. Benefit from its impressive composition of 23% calcium and 18% sulphur, nourishing your plants and improving soil fertility.

Micro Cal – Granular Lime

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Unlock the potential of your soil with Micro Cal Granular Fine Lime by Plant Needs! This superior granular lime fertilizer, bonded with micro calcium, is designed to enhance soil fertility, promote healthy plant growth, and maximize crop and pasture yields. With a powerful nutrient content, including 34% calcium and 1% magnesium, Micro Cal provides essential minerals for optimal plant development. It acts as the perfect lime for soil, adjusting pH levels and creating an ideal environment for your plants to thrive. Experience vigorous plant growth, reduced fertilizer costs, and improved efficiency with Micro Cal.