Emulsified Neem Oil

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Discover the transformative potential of Plant Needs Neem Oil (PLANO), a natural fertiliser harnessed from neem seeds, carefully designed to enhance crop yields while enriching soil health. PLANO, an Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input (No. 11638AI) and OMRI-Listed for Organic Use, exclusively caters to organic crop production.



Advantages of Neem Oil:

  • Neem Oil’s Versatility: Unleash the power of neem oil spray for your plants. As a natural product, it’s both safe and effective for your soil and plants.
  • Total Plant Coverage: Once applied, it rapidly infiltrates through the root systems and is seamlessly transported through the plant’s vascular system (xylem), ensuring every part of your plant benefits.
  • Glycerides and Lipids: The richness of glycerides and lipids in neem oil offers multifaceted benefits.
    • Metabolic Fuel: Lipids serve as a metabolic storehouse, fueling your plant’s essential life processes.
    • Protection Against Dehydration and Pathogens: These compounds guard against dehydration and potential pathogenic threats, reinforcing your plants’ defences.
    • Electron Transport and Light Absorption: Neem oil supports the efficient transfer of electrons and aids in light absorption for photosynthesis.
    • Sulphur and Vitamins: Your plants thrive thanks to the direct supply of nutrients enabled by the sulphur and vitamins present in neem oil.
    • Soil Health Enhancement: PLANO contributes to soil oxidation, cultivating a flourishing environment for beneficial microorganisms.
    • pH Balancing and Salt Regulation: It’s a key player in detoxifying your soil, balancing pH levels, and mitigating excess salt issues.

Neem Oil Recommendations:

  • It is recommended as a plant nutrient and soil conditioner.
  • Can be applied only to soil or growing media through fertigation or drenching.
  • This is not a pest control agent.
  • This is normally in liquid form but will solidify during the winter or when the temperature is below 20 °C. If that happens, immerse the whole container in hot water for 45 minutes with the lid closed until it turns back to liquid form.

Mixing and application of neem oil:

  • Recommended Use: PLANO proves invaluable as both a plant nutrient and soil conditioner. Note that it’s not intended for pest control.
  • Application Method: Apply it exclusively to the soil or growing media using fertigation or drenching techniques.
  • Emulsification for Effective Mixing: Neem oil doesn’t readily blend with water. To ensure a thorough mix, use an emulsifier at a rate of 25%. Add 300 ml of organic emulsifier to each 1000 ml of PLANO, or 3 ml of emulsifier for every 10 ml of PLANO. Be sure to mix well for a seamless combination.
  • Fertigation: When employing fertigation, premix the solution before adding it to the primary tank. Add water gradually until you achieve a milky, homogeneous solution.
    • Pro Tip: If you notice oil particles floating on the surface, this indicates incomplete dilution in water. To remedy this, add more emulsifiers and continue mixing until the mixture flows smoothly through your fertigation system.

In alignment with our mission to promote responsible usage, we strongly emphasise using our neem inputs exclusively as fertiliser and soil enhancers. Transform your plants naturally with PLANO, your gateway to robust and thriving crops.

Buy neem oil today and unlock a world of organic growth for your plants.

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We strictly recommend using our natural inputs not as a pest control agent.

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