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Stubblex is a natural and safe product made organically with a consortium of cellulose and lignin decomposing enzymes specifically formulated to convert crop residues of post-harvest (stubble) in to Decomposed Organic Matter. Stubblex contains Ligniniase, Laccase, Cellulase, Hemi cellulase enzymes apart from a host of other decomposing enzymes which addresses stubble management in an eco-friendly and enriching manner..

Normal practices involving stubble management involve the burning of crop residues in fields to eliminate crop residues. While that does help shorten the turn-around time between crops, it depletes the soil of essential organic matter, beneficial bacteria and earthworms which promote fertility for the next crop..

Application of Stubblex will help breakdown this crop residue into useful organic matter that translates a common problem into a useful Plant nutrient.

Mode of Action

Crop residues contain a complex organic polymers called cellulose and lignin which makes the residue hard to breakdown. Stubblex contains cellulose and lignin decomposing enzymes which has tens the decomposition. This also helps reduce over-wintering of fungal disease causing pathogens that live in non-degraded plant materials.

At the same time these enzymes break down harmful chemical residues that can carryover in the subsoil and reduce crop production. By applying our unique product Stubblex -soil tilth, water retention capacity and crop establishment will improve.

Method of Application

Dosage depends on method of usage (Like Pit, Pile, and In Situ) and the height of the stubble, the species, temperature, soil pH etc.

Dilute Stubblex liquid with sufficient water depending on kind of sprayer and apply uniformly on crop residue in the field.

Recommended Level of usage: 1-2L/Ha
Directions: Mix the required amount of Stubblex with 500 1000 Liters of water and spray on the plant residues.

The product can be mixed with other fertilizers and pesticides, if needed.After preparing the mixture use within24 hours.

Target Use

Stubblex can be used in corn/rice/wheat/sugarcane fields, or in any field where stubble (crop residue)management remains a major problem.

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of manufacture.

Available Weights: 1Ltr