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Stop Borne


Stop Borne is an eco friendly, non toxic, universal disinfectant and biocide. It eliminates all types of pathogenic yeasts, moulds, fungi amoeba, bacteria, and virus.

Stop Borne as a biocide and universal disinfectant has multiple applications in sectors as varied as food processing , aquaculture , agriculture , floriculture, poultry, food & beverages , pharmaceuticals , hospitals , hospitality and many more sectors where disinfection and microbe load elimination plays an integral role for quality output in terms of a product / service.

Stop Borne is prepared by a unique process in which nano Silver ions and Hydrogen Peroxide re mixed, bonded and complexed to give an oligo-dynamic, stable and long lasting effect.

Stop Borne is completely bio-degradable and quickly eliminates micro-organisms thereby making it a safe, convenient and easy to use product that leaves no residues.

Mode of Action

Stop Borne is a unique multi component formulation based on nano silver ions and Hydrogen Peroxide. The combination of these two elements has a synergistic effect in killing all forms of microbes

Stop Borne effectively disinfects through its two pronged approach by effectively utilizing nano silver ions and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as its main ‘action ‘components.

Hydrogen peroxide splits to release oxygen which attacks the cell walls of microbes upon contact

Oxygen reacts with the cell wall molecules of the microbes and denatures and destroys the microbial cell wall.

Nano silver ions bind to the molecular components of the microbial cell and further deactivate the metabolic system and inhibit further reproduction of the microbe eventually killing it.

Hydrogen peroxide later breaks down into water and oxygen (H2O2= H2O+O2) thus causing no residual toxicity.

Traces of silver remain on the sterilized surface that are not visible and non -toxic but actively check any further microbial resurgence and germination.

Method of Application

Topical Application : Mix 10 ml of Stop Borne in 1 L of water and spray on the target area

Swabbing : Dilute 10 ml of Stop Borne in 1 L of water and swab the target area to be disinfected.

Fogging : Stop Borne @ 25 ml / L of water can be effectively used for fumigation and fogging for elimination of air borne bacteria , fungi and virus.

Time required for disinfection of the room depends on total volume of the room. Spraying of Stop Borne doesn’t cause any side effects to eyes, nose and skin, unlike conventionally used fumigants.

The recommended ULV fogger forms a very fine mist which allows the formulation to be suspended in the atmosphere for a longer period of time ensuring a 100% kill rate on all air-borne microbes.

All open electrical points such as plug points, bulb holders must be covered by an adhesive cellophane tape because the nascent oxygen on coming in contact with live wire / electricity may be inflammavle.

Bio Hazardous Material disposal : Make 0.5 – 1% solution of Stop Borne in water . All disposable surgical instruments, syringes, blood bags, bottles, catheters, etc. can be disinfected by dipping or spraying and made ready for disposal. Cotton wastes, wound dressing and similar items can be disinfected by spraying.

Field Debris disinfection : Collect all pruned plant parts and disinfect by using 0.5 – 1.0 % solution of Stop Borne in water.

Hand disinfection : Make 0.1% solution of Stop Borne, dip hand in this solution. Do not wash. Hands are disinfected as soon as hands dry. 

Drinking water disinfection for Poultry / Animals : Dilute 1 ml of Stop Borne in 10 L of drinking water for poultry and animals.


Stop Borne is compatible with all agricultural chemicals.

Stop Borne should not be used along with microbial BioPesticides and BioFertilizers as it is a biocide and will inactivate / kill the active beneficial microbes contained in the BioPesticide/ BioFertilizer.

Shelf Life

Stop Borne is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

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