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Crops & Plants

Browse our range of natural fertilisers and soil conditioners for crops.

Neem cake fertilizer 25 kg pellets


PLANC acts as a bio-fertiliser and soil conditioner by supplying the required nutrients to plants.

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Emulsified Neem Oil 250 ml


PLANO is Plant Needs Neem Oil, is a Natural product extracted from neem seeds.

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Liquid fish emulsion fertiliser 20 L

Fish 'N' Phos

Fish ‘N’ Phos is key in crop production for opening the soil and plant fertility at the same time.

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Crop Breath natural fertilisers

Crop Breath

Crop Breath aids in root respiration which is essential for water and nutrient absorption during photosynthesis.

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Universal Disinfectant 250 ml bottle

Stop Borne

Stop Borne is an eco friendly, non toxic, universal disinfectant and biocide. It eliminates all types of pathogens.

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Stubblex contains enzymes which addresses stubble management in an eco-friendly and enriching manner.

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Home & Gardening

Browse our range of organic fertilisers and soil inputs for gardens and lawns.

Organic Fertilizer 5 kg Pellets

Grow ‘N’ Save

Universal plant fertiliser and soil conditioner that protects the plants, adds organic matter, improves soil structures and microflora.

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Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil 5 L

Neem Seed Oil

100% Organic Cold Pressed Neem Seed Oil will have all natural compounds retained as there is no loss during extraction.

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NPK Fertiliser 2 L Concentrate

Fish ‘N’ Phos – 2 L Concentrate

Fish ‘N’ Phos can be applied as either foliar or soil application, or both, at a rate of 10 ml/litre of water dilution.

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Fish Blood and Bone fertiliser 1 kg powder


Fish ’N’ Bone is processed from marine fish, so it is a good source of organic phosphorus and calcium, along with nitrogen and other micro nutrients.

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Ful Fil Amino Acid Fertilizer 1 kg


FUL-FIL Amino acids are soil and foliar fertilisers that are produced after the microbial digestion of deep-sea fish emulsions and crustaceans.

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Fish Meal Fertiliser 1 Kg


Plant Needs Fish ’N’ N is derived from fish meal, and it is a good source of organic nitrogen and other nutrients recommended for your lawn and garden.

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