Post Hole Auger 6″

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High-performance, professional 6-inch post hole auger ideal for planting, bulb, flower, tree, seedlings, fence holes and earth hole drilling.

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About Post Hole Auger:

Upgrade your fencing and landscaping projects with our high-performance, professional 6-inch post hole auger. Whether you’re erecting sturdy fences or planting trees and shrubs, this versatile hand held auger is designed to create precise post holes with ease. Rugged and durable, it ensures quick, clean, and professional earth hole drilling, perfect for a range of tasks from installing fence posts to ice fishing holes.

Key Features of Garden Auger:

  • Compatible with most standard augers and other universal drills.
  • Our garden auger operates quietly without producing smoke, making it environmentally friendly and safer to use.
  • It can also double as a fitness tool, helping strengthen muscles during use.

Elevate your workmanship and achieve remarkable results with our Professional 6-inch Post Hole Hand Held Auger—your trusted partner in precision drilling.


Total Length: 110 cm (43 inches, approx.)

Auger Head: 43 cm x 5 cm (L*W)

Weight: 3.2 kg

Bulk and wholesale orders:

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Additional information

Weight3.2 kg
Dimensions110 × 43 × 4 cm

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