OZ KELP – Liquid Bull Kelp

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Introducing OZ KELPLiquid Bull Kelp: Your Organic Bio stimulant for Thriving Plants. Derived from Australian Durvillaea Potatorum (Bull Kelp), OZ KELP is a powerful organic bio stimulant packed with trace elements, minerals, alginic acid, amino acids, and organic compounds. This exceptional formula enhances soil structure and aeration, promoting optimal plant respiration and nutrient absorption, making it the trusted choice in Australian organic agriculture.



Benefits of OZ KELP Liquid Bull Kelp:

  • Boosts Disease Resistance: Liquid bull kelp strengthens your plants’ natural defence system, helping them withstand environmental stresses like drought, frost, and heat.
  • Promotes Root Stimulation: Experience improved root growth and nutrient absorption, allowing plants to access vital elements like phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca).
  • Enhances Flowering and Fruit Set: Witness enhanced flower retention and fruit set, leading to increased yields and better-quality crops.
  • Supports a Healthy Root System: OZ KELP fosters a healthy root system, which is crucial for long-term crop production and profitability.
  • Increased Chlorophyll Production: With OZ KELP, chlorophyll production is boosted, ensuring healthier and greener plants.
  • Improved Nutritional Value: Enjoy higher nutritional value in feed crops, benefiting both livestock and the environment.
  • Effective Frost Protection: Protect your plants from frost and other adverse conditions with OZ KELP’s bio-protective capabilities.

Harness the power of nature with OZ KELP, Liquid Bull Kelp, a high-quality kelp biostimulant sourced from Australia. Elevate your agricultural endeavours, maximise your yields, and experience impressive results with this effective soil conditioner. OZ KELP is designed to work harmoniously with most pesticides and fertilizers, making it a versatile addition to your agricultural toolkit. To ensure a seamless combination with other ingredients, we recommend conducting a small quantity (jar test) to assess physical compatibility.

Phytotoxicity Assurance: OZ KELP does not heighten the phytotoxic effects caused by certain pesticides, including copper fungicides. This assurance allows you to use OZ KELP alongside other treatments without worrying about negative interactions.

Compatibility with Liquid Fertilisers: OZ KELP plays well with liquid fertilisers, including calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate, when appropriately diluted for irrigation or foliar spray applications.

Easy Clean-Up and Safe Storage: After application, use all the mixture in your spray and irrigation tanks. To maintain the integrity of your equipment, remember to purge tanks and lines with clean water and flush irrigation lines. Please do not return the mixture to its original drums. Store OZ KELP in its dedicated container, safeguarding it from direct sunlight for optimal longevity and performance.

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OZ KELP, Liquid Bull Kelp, Product Brochure

OZ KELP (Liquid Bull Kelp) Material Safety Data Sheet

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20 Litre, 1000 IBC

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