Nano Mg – Plant Magnesium Fertiliser

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Introducing Nano Mg, a crucial element present in numerous enzyme systems, vital for energy production, protein synthesis, and growth regulation in plants. Among the soluble sources of plant magnesium, magnesium sulphate holds significance. It stands as one of the most essential fertilisers, particularly addressing chlorophyll and the critical photosynthetic activities within plants.



Nano Mg: Plant Magnesium Fertiliser

Nano Mg presents a high-analysis suspension of magnesium, carefully formulated to counteract and prevent plant magnesium deficiency. Its effectiveness extends across a wide spectrum of crops, making it an indispensable component of various growth scenarios. Boasting a micronized particle formulation, a concentrated calcium solution enriched with trace elements, and the integration of suspension agents, Nano Mg stands as a strategic solution to optimise plant health and growth, targeting the intricacies of magnesium deficiency in plants and offering the benefits of magnesium sulphate.

Magnesium’s Essential Role for Plants:

Magnesium, a vital component found in magnesium sulphate, is of utmost importance for plant vitality. It’s a fundamental element in chlorophyll, the lifeblood of photosynthesis and various plant functions. Magnesium is pivotal for the absorption and movement of vital plant nutrients, particularly phosphorus. Plant magnesium deficiency can vary due to factors like soil moisture and temperature, impacting uptake. In situations of increased nitrogen levels linked to grass tetany, low temperatures can heighten potassium absorption.

Central to Energy and Growth:

The role of magnesium extends to ATP activation, a process crucial for energy storage within cells. It facilitates numerous enzyme systems that regulate metabolic processes, making it essential for thriving plants. A shortage of magnesium, stemming from magnesium deficiency in plants, disrupts growth patterns, ultimately diminishing yields and overall quality.

Recognising Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms:

Magnesium deficiency in plants becomes evident through distinct signs. The once-vibrant green hue fades, and older leaves experience interveinal chlorosis. In certain cases, older leaves might even display reddish or purple pigments in tandem with chlorosis. As the deficiency progresses, plants may prematurely shed leaves and even face early demise. Furthermore, inhibited root growth hampers plant vigour, underscoring the importance of magnesium for plants’ sustained health and development.

Nano-MG Benefits:

  • Enhances chlorophyll content and promotes efficient photosynthesis in plants.
  • Activates essential plant enzymes crucial for growth and developmental processes.
  • Boosts plant resistance to stressors.
  • Fully water-soluble formula.
  • Improves overall plant growth.
  • Serves as a fundamental component of carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Facilitates optimal absorption, rectifying magnesium deficiency.
  • Leaves minimal residue in the drum due to its free-flowing liquid formulation.
  • Designed for foliar feeding or in-furrow application.

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