Nano Cal – Plant Calcium Fertiliser

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Nano Cal revolutionises plant calcium supplementation with its cutting-edge technology. This innovative fertiliser is based on nano calcium particles encapsulated by a chitosan-based bio polymer, embedded in an amino acid, and suspended in water. Boasting a particle size of less than 100 nanometers and an impressive potency of 10,000 ppm, Nano Cal is a game-changer in plant calcium deficiency management.



Addressing calcium deficiency in plants:

Calcium deficiency is a common issue in plants like tomatoes, melons, peppers, and eggplants. Identifying plant calcium deficiencies is crucial, as they lead to curled young leaves lacking color. This deficiency starts as a light tan, water-soaked lesion and progresses to a dry, sunken, and leathery lesion at the blossom end of the fruit or vegetable. Moreover, plants may suffer from secondary infections due to bacterial or fungal pathogens. Calcium deficiency is especially observed in broad-leaved crops and plants with limited root access to calcium.

Unlocking Calcium Bio availability:

Calcium may exist in the soil, but it often remains in an unavailable form, rendering it non-absorbable for plants. Nano Cal comes to the rescue by enhancing calcium’s bioavailability, making it accessible and easily absorbed by plants. This breakthrough formula ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of calcium they need for robust health and vitality.

Modes of Action:

The problem often appears when calcium does not adequately move to the plant organs where it is needed. Calcium is taken up behind the root tip and moves primarily in the transpiration stream up from the roots. Once in the plant, calcium is mostly present in cell walls, so it is not readily remobilized from one plant part to another. Plant organs that have low transpiration (e.g., fruits such as melons, apples, and tomatoes with a waxy skin, or the inner or sheltered parts of leafy plants such as lettuce) can develop low-Calcium disorders. When these disorders develop, sometimes it is related to the soil calcium supply, but it is frequently related to water stress, cool temperatures, and limited transpiration.

Nano Cal, owing to its small particle size, is immediately bioavailable and is quickly absorbed by plants, bypassing the barriers that hinder conventional calcium fertilisers.

Benefits of Plant Calcium Fertiliser:

  • Participates in the metabolic processes of nutrient uptake, facilitating better nutrient absorption.
  • Promotes proper plant cell elongation, contributing to healthier plant growth.
  • Strengthens cell wall structure by forming essential calcium pectate compounds, enhancing overall plant stability.
  • Participates in enzymatic and hormonal processes, optimising plant development and resilience.
  • Shields plants against heat stress by improving stomata function and inducing heat shock proteins.
  • Protects against diseases by fortifying cell walls, preventing the invasion of harmful fungi and bacteria.
  • Improves fruit quality, resulting in a bountiful and premium harvest.
  • Aids in the regulation of stomata, enabling better water and nutrient management.

Bulk and wholesale orders:

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