Micro Gyp – Micronised Gypsum Clay Breaker

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Micro Gyp is a micronized gypsum clay breaker and nutrient-rich soil amendment. Unlock optimal plant growth and soil health with expertly bonded micronized gypsum particles. Enhance water holding capacity, boost root performance, and achieve remarkable results with minimal product usage. Benefit from its impressive composition of 23% calcium and 18% sulphur, nourishing your plants and improving soil fertility.



About Micronized Gypsum

Introducing Micro Gyp, the revolutionary micronized gypsum clay breaker that serves as a valuable source of essential nutrients for agricultural applications. Micro Gyp combines expertly bonded, micronized organic gypsum particles to deliver optimal plant growth and soil health. This versatile soil amendment provides a rich supply of calcium and sulphur, nurturing your plants and improving soil structure.

Micro Gyp excels at balancing sodicity, enhancing water holding capacity, and boosting root performance. Available in convenient packaging options, including 1 metric tonne bulk bags and 25 kg bags, Micro Gyp caters to the diverse needs of agricultural enthusiasts. 

One of the standout features of Micro Gyp lies in its ultra-fine particle size, which ensures exceptional reactivity. As a result, application rates are significantly lower as compared to standard agricultural gypsum, which allows you to achieve remarkable results with minimal product usage.

Benefit from the impressive composition of micro gypsum, with an abundant 23% calcium and 18% sulphur content. These vital nutrients work synergistically to nourish your plants and enhance soil fertility. Invest in Micro Gyp to unlock the potential for transformation in your agricultural endeavours.

Benefits of Micro Gyp Micronized Gypsum:

  • Rapid Availability for Highly Productive Soil Amendments: Micro Gyp offers quick availability for enhancing soil productivity. Its unique formulation ensures that essential nutrients are readily accessible to plants, promoting optimal growth and yield.
  • Reduced Application Rate: With Micro Gyp, you only need to apply 1/4 of the amount compared to conventional gypsum. This cost-effective feature not only saves you money but also streamlines the application process while maintaining the desired results.
  • Precise and Uniform Application: Micro Gyp’s granular composition guarantees uniformity, allowing for precise and accurate application. This ensures that each part of your soil receives the right amount of gypsum, thus maximising its impact on soil structure and nutrient balance.
  • Cost and Resource Efficiency: By requiring a lower application rate, Micro Gyp helps save on transportation and application costs. Its concentrated formula enables you to achieve desired outcomes with less product, hence making it a cost-effective choice for soil enhancement.
  • Enhanced Soil Productivity: Micro Gyp accelerates the soil improvement process, delivering faster results and enhancing overall soil productivity. Its micronized gypsum particles effectively break up clay soils, improving drainage, root penetration, and nutrient availability.
  • Targeted Approach to Soil Enhancement: Micro Gyp provides a more targeted and efficient approach to soil enhancement. High-quality granular form allows for easy application, ensuring that the gypsum reaches the areas where it is needed most and optimising soil health and plant performance.
  • Maximises Cost-Effectiveness: By requiring less product and offering precise application, Micro Gyp maximises cost-effectiveness throughout the soil enhancement process. You can achieve significant improvements in soil quality and plant growth without incurring excessive expenses.
  • Unleashes the Soil’s Full Potential: Micro Gyp unlocks the full potential of your soil, creating an environment conducive to improved agricultural outcomes. By addressing sodicity and enhancing soil structure, it paves the way for healthier plants, increased yield, and sustainable farming practices

Micro Gyp Clay Breaker Application Guide:

  • Application rates for micronized gypsum should be determined based on soil analysis and in conjunction with a balanced nutrition programme. For personalised assistance, it is recommended to contact a qualified consultant from Plant Needs, experts in gypsum for soil and gypsum clay breaker.
  • For irrigated and dry land cropping, the general guideline rates for this micronized gypsum fertiliser are as follows:
    • Broadcast or direct drill application: 200 kg/ha
    • Banding application: 500 kg/ha 
  • The best application method is through broadcasting or direct drilling using horticultural spinner spreaders, belt spreaders, or small walk-behind applicators. Hence, ensuring the uniformity of gypsum for clay soil. 
  • Prior to blending Micro Gyp with other fertilisers, it is advisable to check compatibility with a qualified consultant from Plant Needs.
  • Micro Gyp can be used to create a customised fertiliser formulation, leveraging its organic gypsum properties, to suit specific crop needs.

Bulk and Wholesale orders:

Contact us for unbeatable rates on bulk and wholesale orders. 


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