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Grow ‘n’ Save


Grow ‘n’ Save is an organic plant fertilizer and soil conditioner containing 100% Pure Neem Cake. Recommended as indoor plants, lawns and garden fertilizer.



Grow n’ Save is an organic fertiliser, containing only 100% pure Neem Cake.

Grow ‘N’ Save is a universal plant fertilizer and soil conditioner. This feeds and protects the plants, adds organic matter and improves soil structures and microflora. It helps in preserving the soil moisture whilst improving soil biology. This plant fertilizer contains naturally available plant nutrients, recommended for indoor plants, outdoor plants, gardens and lawns. Highly recommended to be used as a soil conditioner.

Grow ‘N’ Save is also an outdoor and indoor plant fertilizer that can nourish and protect your plants. Grown ‘N’ Save is highly recommended fertilizer for indoor plants that can nourish and protect your plants. Grown ‘N’ Save is suitable as a native plant fertilizer.

Recommended for:

  • New Planting
  • New or Established Lawn
  • Vegetable Patches
  • Herbs and Kitchen Gardens
  • Fruit Trees
  • Bulbs and Flowers
  • English Boxes and Ornamental
  • As Fertilizer for Indoor Plants
  • Seeds and Seedlings
  • As soil conditioner
  • As garden fertiliser


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We strictly recommend to use our Neem inputs only as a fertiliser and soil ameliorant

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