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Fish ‘N’ Phos

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Fish ‘N’ Phos is a natural fish emulsion & hydrolysate fertiliser key in crop production for opening the soil and plant fertility together at the same time as it is a food for soil web whilst supplying nutrients to the to plants.




Fish ‘N’ Phos, a natural organic liquid fish emulsion, hydrolysate fertiliser suitable for application on soil, pastures, crops, orchards and vegetable gardens.

Fish ‘N’ Phos is a highly recommended certified organic fertilizer for strawberries and other fruit plants. Fish ‘N’ Phos can help in unlocking the soil nutrients and improves soil microorganisms.


  • This fish emulsion be used as foliar and soil application
  • Odourless, easy to handle & simple to apply by spray equipment & fertigation
  • Liquid fish fertiliser is suitable for all soils, pastures, crops, orchards and vegetables
  • Environmentally friendly & non-residual-safe to use in sensitive water catchment areas
  • Recommended for Lawn and Turf


  • Apply all year round preferably in cool or moist conditions morning OR afternoon 10 – 20 L/ha diluted 10:1.
  • Pasture: Rotational grazing, apply 7 days after grazing at 5 – 7 L/ha – recommended to apply additional nitrogen at 5 – 10 kg/ha diluted in plenty of water may me at 250 litres for each 10kg of N.
  • Vegetables, Cotton Hay and Grain: Apply 20-40 L/ha at pre-planting diluted at 10:1. Foliar applications of 5-7 L/ha at 10-21 day intervals at 30:1 dilution. Note to apply in moist or cool conditions.
  • Grapes and Fruit Crops: Apply inter row to soil or grass/clover cover in spring and autumn through jet application 10-20L/ha diluted min. 10:1, or foliar applications through high volume sprayers morning or afternoon in cool and moist conditions at 5-10 L/ ha diluted 30:1. It is recommended to apply 5 application through growing periods and can also be added along with plant nutrition.
  • Nurseries: Apply every 10-21 days at 5-10 mls/ltr of water to foliage up till point of run-off. Higher rates 10-20 ml/ltr applied to soil pre-plant.
  • Livestocks as an ingredients: 6- 30% added and mixed with usual feed. Improves general health, increases the appetite and weight gain, improves coat condition. 98.5% digestibility, introduces omega oils and selenium to eggs and meat.

Please note not to be fed to ruminants.


Download Fish N’ Phos: Brochure
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