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Fish ‘N’ Phos – 2L Concentrate

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Soak your garden with Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2) a natural NPK fertiliser and a source of nitrogen and phosphorus along with many trace elements suitable for your gardens, lawns & fruit or vegetable patches.



If you are a home gardener or a market gardener, you won’t be disappointed. If you are passionate about growing your own fruits and vegetables, or you are the one who loves your turf and lawn, then you are in the right place.

Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2) is processed from recycled fish meat and bone through enzymatic processes without any chemical reagents. Fish ‘N’ Phos is the product of your needs to boost garden plants and lawn whilst saving our flora and fauna.

Fish ‘N’ Phos is a highly recommended liquid fertilizer for lawns and gardens. Fish ‘N’ Phos is an Australian certified organic lawn fertilizer that is high in NPK and other trace elements.

Fish ‘N’ Phos two-litre concentrate will be sufficient to prepare 200-litre spray solution, which can cover up to 1600 sq. meters of lawn or garden area. Fish ‘N’ Phos contains 8% nitrogen, 1.5-2% phosphorus and 2% Potassium along with high protein and many trace elements or vitamins.

Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2) is a highly rich plant nutrient and a source of food for beneficial microbes and earthworms in your soil. Hence can transform your garden soil into fertile land.

Direction for use.
1. Use 10ml of Fish ‘N’ Phos in 1 litre of water for spraying or drenching (you can use knapsack spray for foliar application or a garden can for soaking your garden bed.)
2. Dilute 250ml/litre of water if you are using a hose on spray for your lawn or even for a larger garden bed. (250ml solution should cover 200 sq. meter area)


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Read Fish N’ Phos: Material Safety Data Sheet

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1 review for Fish ‘N’ Phos – 2L Concentrate

  1. Jay S. (verified owner)

    Amazing product for my lawn!

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