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Fish ‘N’ Phos 2 L Concentrate – NPK Fertilizer

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Soak your garden with Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2) a natural NPK fertiliser and a source of nitrogen and phosphorus along with many trace elements suitable for your gardens, lawns & fruit or vegetable patches. Fish ‘N’ Phos is an Australian Certified Input for Organic Gardens (ACO Cert. No. 11638).


Fish ‘N’ Phos – 2 L Concentrate – Boost Your Garden’s Health

Elevate your gardening game with Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2), a potent natural NPK fertilizer that nurtures your soil and plants simultaneously. Packed with nitrogen and phosphorus, along with an array of trace elements, this concentrated solution is your go-to choice for gardens, lawns, and fruit or vegetable patches. Fish ‘N’ Phos an Australian Certified Input for Organic Gardens (ACO Cert. No. 11638).

For the Avid Gardener: Whether you’re a dedicated home gardener or a seasoned market gardener, Fish ‘N’ Phos NPK Fertilizer has been tailored to meet your exacting standards. If you find joy in cultivating your fruits and vegetables or take pride in the lushness of your turf and lawn, you’ve come to the right place.

A Sustainable Formula: Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2) is crafted from up cycled fish meat and bone through gentle enzymatic processes, without any chemical reagents. This eco-conscious approach ensures your garden thrives while safeguarding our precious flora and fauna.

Unleash Garden Vitality: With its high NPK content and a treasure trove of trace elements, Fish ‘N’ Phos stands as a top-tier liquid fertilizer, whether you’re nurturing a garden or a lawn. Fish ‘N’ Phos contains 8% nitrogen, 1.5-2% phosphorus, and 2% potassium, plus an abundance of protein and essential vitamins. Fish ‘N’ Phos is also an Australian Certified Organic.

Maximized Utility: Our two-liter concentrate can prepare a bountiful 200-liter spray solution, extending its reach across 1600 square meters of lawn or garden. This concentrated elixir effectively revitalizes your garden soil, enriching it with vital nutrients.

A Bounty for Microbes and Earthworms: Fish ‘N’ Phos (NPK 8-2-2) is not only a rich nutrient source for your plants but also a feast for the beneficial microbes and earthworms that dwell in your soil. Together, they work to transform your garden into a fertile haven.

Benefits of Fish ‘N’ Phos NPK Fertilizer: 

  • Versatile Application: Fish ‘N’ Phos can be used for both foliar and soil application. Thus offering flexibility in how you deliver its benefits. 
  • User-Friendly: It’s odorless, easy to handle, and simple to apply with standard spray equipment and fertigation methods. Thus making it a convenient choice for liquid fertilizer application. 
  • Universal Soil Compatibility: Suitable for all soil types, including pastures, various crops, orchards, and a range of vegetables, ensuring its adaptability to diverse agricultural settings. 
  • Eco-Conscious Solution: Fish ‘N’ Phos is environmentally friendly and doesn’t leave behind any harmful residues. It’s safe to use in sensitive water catchment areas, aligning with sustainable and responsible agriculture practices. 
  • Lawn and Turf Excellence: Beyond agricultural use, Fish ‘N’ Phos is an excellent option for maintaining the health and vitality of lawns and turf, promoting lush green growth.

How to Apply NPK Fertilizer: 

  • For Foliar Spraying or Drenching: Mix 10ml of Fish ‘N’ Phos in 1 liter of water. A knapsack sprayer is perfect for foliar applications, while a garden can is ideal for soaking your garden bed. 
  • For Large Areas: Dilute 250 ml in 1 liter of water if you’re using a hose-on spray for your lawn or tending to a more expansive garden bed. This concentration can cover an impressive 200 square meters.

Unleash the potential of your garden with Fish ‘N’ Phos, where lush and vibrant growth begins at the roots.

Bulk and Wholesale orders:

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    Amazing product for my lawn!

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    Good product.

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