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Fish ‘N’ N – Fish Meal Fertilizer

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Plant Needs Fish ’N’ N is a high nitrogen fertilizer extracted from fish meal making it ideal for your lawn, garden, fruit trees, and expansive acres. Fish ‘N’ N contains N:10%, P:3.5%, K:1%, S:0.8%, Ca:6.5% plus Amino Acids and Vitamins. Fish ‘N’ N is an Australian Certified Input for Organic Gardens (ACO Cert. No. 11638).



Fish ‘N’ N – The Ultimate Fish Meal Fertilizer for Vibrant Plants

Elevate your plant care routine with Fish ‘N’ N, a nutrient-rich fish meal fertilizer that your plants have been waiting for.

Fish ‘N’ N is derived from nutrient-rich fish meal, making it a powerhouse of organic nitrogen and essential nutrients.

Key Nutrient Composition N:10%, P:3.5%, K:1%, S:0.8%, Ca:6.5%, plus Amino Acids and Vitamins.

This versatile nitrogen rich fertilizer is ideal for your lawn, garden, fruit trees, and expansive acres. With approximately 68% protein content, it’s a natural source of nitrogen (approximately 10%). Fish ‘N’ N is also loaded with essential macro and microelectronics, amino acids, and vitamins. It is a true feast for the soil’s beneficial bacteria and fungi, creating an environment where your plants can thrive.

For the best results, consider applying it during Autumn, Winter, and Mid-Spring. Fish ‘N’ N releases nutrients gradually, preventing leaching and waste, ensuring your plants always look healthy.

You can safely use this high nitrogen fertilizer when planting, transplanting, or re-potting as it won’t harm your plant’s delicate roots.

Recommended Application Rates:

  • General Use: Apply around 100 grams per square meter of planting area. Incorporate it into the soil while maintaining constant moisture to facilitate nutrient breakdown and root zone absorption.
  • Vegetable Gardens: To prepare new gardens, apply 1.5 kg per 10 square meters by thoroughly mixing it into the topsoil. For new plantings, re-potting, or transplants, add only 2 spoons of Fish ‘N’ N, mix them into the soil, and water well. For established plants, top-dress with 50 grams per plant once a month during the growing season. (Rates may vary slightly depending on plant type, size, and growth stage.)
  • Container/Big Pots: For new plantings, add 2 tablespoons of nitrogen for plants with Fish ‘N’ N per 3 liters or 2.5 kg per cubic meter of soil or growing media. Thoroughly mix it in. Follow the same method for established plants.
  • Trees & Shrubs: Spread 800 grams per tree around the base, outwards to the drip line. Mix it into the soil surface and water well. For new planting, mix 20 grams into the planting hole and back-fill after planting.
  • Row Crops/Acreage: Apply 300-400 kg per hectare based on specific crop needs or nutrient requirements.

How Fish Meal Fertilizer Works:

When you apply Fish ‘N’ N to your soil, it undergoes a unique digestion process by microbes, including bacteria, earthworms, and fungi. This process makes nutrients readily available for your plant roots.

Fish ‘N’ N rejuvenates the beneficial microbes in your soil, enhancing soil health by increasing organic matter. Fungi and bacteria work together to break down nutrients, making them available to plant roots. They also aerate the soil and improve organic matter levels, creating a nurturing environment for faster and stronger plant root growth.

As Fish ‘N’ N improves soil health, it also increases soil fertility by providing essential nutrients, including nitrogen for plants. Plants receiving a balanced combination of micro and macro nutrients experience steady and robust growth, making them better equipped to resist diseases and pests.

BENEFITS of Fish Meal as A garden fertilizer:

Fish ‘N’ N is perfect for your yard and outdoor plants. For new garden spaces and containers, apply it up to one week before planting. Mix it well into the prepared soil and water thoroughly to activate soil organisms and enhance fertility.

For existing gardens and container plants, scatter Fish ‘N’ N onto the surface of the ground, then gently work it into the top inch of the soil around your plants using a rake. Finally, ensure a good watering after application.

Transform your plants into lush, vibrant specimens with Fish ‘N’ N Fish Meal – Your Key to Healthy and Thriving Gardens!

Bulk and Wholesale orders:

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