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Fish ‘N’ Bone

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Fish ’N’ Bone is natural fish blood and bone fertiliser high in Calcium and Phosphorus. (N: 8%, P: 8%, K: 1%, S: 0.8%, Ca: 13% plus Amino Acids and Vitamins).



Fish ’N’ Bone is a Fish Bone Meal Fertiliser processed from marine fish. This blood and bone fertiliser is a good source of organic phosphorus and calcium along with nitrogen and other micronutrients. (N: 8%, P: 8%, K: 1%, S: 0.8%, Ca: 13% plus Amino Acids and Vitamins)

Fish ’N’ Bone is suitable for your lawn and garden, fruit trees and broad acres. Our high calcium fertiliser contains approximately 45% protein and rest all marine bone with high calcium naturally broken down into plant available nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. The protein content equates to about 8% nitrogen, bone values upto 8% and 12% phosphorus and calcium respectively.

This fish bone meal is high in both macro and micronutrients as well as contains many essential amino acids and vitamins, which is a good source of food for soil bacteria and fungi.

For an effective results, it is better to apply Fish ‘N’ Bone in Autumn, Winter and Mid Spring as it will release the nutrients very slowly without allowing them to leach or waste. Therefore Fish ’N’ Bone applied plants looks always healthy.

This lawn/garden fertiliser is safe to use while planting/transplanting or repotting as it will not burn the roots.

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