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Calo Mate – Granular Dolomite Lime

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Enhance your cropping experience with Calo Mate, a premium granulated dolomite soil amendment. Crafted to meet the needs of plant enthusiasts, it supplies calcium and magnesium while adjusting soil pH. Simplify soil amendment with our fine granular formulation. Raise pH levels and create an ideal environment for plant growth. Maintain optimal pH levels effortlessly and watch your crops flourish with Calo Mate.


About Calo Mate Dolomite Lime:

Introducing Calo Mate, a Granular Dolomite Soil Amendment by Plant Needs: The Perfect Solution for Soil pH Adjustment while supplying Calcium and Magnesium to the Soil.

Enhance your cropping experience with Calo Mate, a premium granulated dolomite soil amendment meticulously crafted to meet the needs of plant enthusiasts like you. This exceptional product combines the power of dolomite with micro calcium (30%) and magnesium (21%), ensuring optimal soil health and plant growth.

Derived from fine granular dolomite, our high-quality granular formulation offers easy application, allowing you to accurately and uniformly amend your soil. Say goodbye to the hassle of measuring and mixing, as Calo Mate simplifies the process for you.

Is your soil too acidic and in need of raising its pH? Not to worry! Calo Mate, a dolomite lime, comes to the rescue by effectively lifting soil pH levels. If you find your soil registering a pH of 5.5 or lower, it’s an indicator that the use of dolomite or lime is necessary to raise the pH and create a favorable environment for your plants to thrive.

By incorporating Calo Mate, a granular dolomite soil amendment, into your soil routine, you can effortlessly maintain optimal pH levels, providing your plants with the ideal conditions for growth. Watch as your crops flourish and your plants reach their full potential with the help of Calo Mate.

Benefits of Calo Mate Dolomite Lime:

  • Mess-Free Application: Experience a hassle-free application process with Calo Mate. This granular dolomite soil amendment eliminates the need to handle messy powders, thus ensuring a clean and convenient experience.
  • Compatibility with Spreaders: Save time and effort during the application process with Calo Mate. Its compatibility with traditional granular fertilizer spreaders allows for effortless and efficient distribution, hence ensuring uniform coverage of your soil.
  • Finer Granules: Calo Mate stands out with its finer granules compared to standard dolomite products. This characteristic promotes better distribution and deeper penetration into the soil, maximizing its effectiveness in raising soil pH and providing essential nutrients.
  • Rapid Breakdown: Calo Mate granules rapidly break down with soil moisture, facilitating the release and absorption of its beneficial components by your plants. This ensures quick action and optimal nutrient uptake.
  • pH and Nutrient Enhancement: Elevate your soil pH levels and enrich it with essential calcium and magnesium using Calo Mate. This dolomite lime soil amendment creates an ideal environment for plant growth, supporting their nutrient needs and overall health.
  • Soil Re-mineralization: Rejuvenate tired and worn soils through the re-mineralization properties of Calo Mate. By replenishing essential minerals, this soil amendment revitalizes your soil and prepares it for robust plant growth.
  • Trace Element Enrichment: Ensure your plants receive a comprehensive nutrient profile with Calo Mate. It helps build critical levels of various trace elements, promoting balanced nutrition and optimal plant development.
  • Increased Carbon Levels: Boost energy, water, and nutrient holding capacity in your soil. By increasing soil carbon levels, this amendment enhances the overall vitality and resilience of your plants.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Safeguard your plants and turf against pests and diseases. Its unique formulation enhances their natural defense mechanisms, contributing to healthier and more resilient vegetation.
  • Improved Biological Activity: Experience improved nutrient availability and absorption. This soil amendment stimulates greater biological activity in the soil, unlocking tied-up nutrients and promoting their efficient uptake by plants. 
  • Enhanced Soil Health and Efficiency: Optimize your crop resources with Calo Mate. By improving soil health, this product increases efficiency, reduces input costs, and helps you achieve better agricultural results.

Application Guidelines for Calo Mate Granular Dolomite Soil Amendment:

Achieve optimal results by following these application guidelines for Calo Mate Granular Dolomite Soil Amendment: 

  • Determine Application Rate: It is recommended to conduct soil tests at least once per year to determine the appropriate dolomite application rate for your specific soil conditions. As rates may vary depending on individual situations, consulting with a local agronomist is advisable to ensure accurate application.
  • Soil Analysis and Balanced Nutrition: Apply Calo Mate in conjunction with a balanced nutrition program, taking into consideration the results of your soil analysis. This will help tailor the application rate and ensure comprehensive nutrient management.
  • Generalized Application Rates: The following rates serve as a general guideline:
    • For broadcast spreading: Apply Calo Mate at a rate of 400 kg/ha. This rate is suitable for irrigated and dry land cropping.
    • For banding application: Apply Calo Mate at a rate of 250 kg/ha. This rate is ideal for concentrated application in band rows.
  • Suitable Application Methods: Calo Mate is best applied through broadcast spreading or banding techniques. For broadcast spreading, use horticultural spinner spreaders, belt spreaders, or small walk-behind applicators to ensure even distribution. For banding application, apply Calo Mate directly in the rows where the crops are planted, ensuring targeted placement.
  • Compatibility Check: Prior to blending Calo Mate with other fertilisers, it is crucial to contact with a qualified consultant from Plant Needs to ensure compatibility and maximize the effectiveness of the product.
  • Custom Formulations: The blend of Calo Mate Granular Dolomite Soil Amendment can be used to create unique fertiliser formulations tailored to meet specific crop needs. Discuss your requirements with a Plant Needs consultant for personalized assistance.

BULK and Wholesale orders:

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