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PLANO is Plant Needs Neem Oil , is a Natural product extracted from neem seeds, it contains sulphur, proteins, glycerides and trace elements. Recommended for all crops, seeds and seedlings.

  • Products can be used in crop production only
  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Register Farm Input 11638AI


  • PLANO is recommended as a plant nutrient and soil conditioner .Plano can be applied only to soil or growing media through fertigation or drenching .
  • PLANO is not a pest controlling agent
  • PLANO is normally in liquid forms, but will solidify during winter or when the temperature is <20 degree C. , if that happens ,immerse the whole container in hot water for 45 minutes with the lid closed till it turns back to liquid forms.
We strictly recommend to use our Neem inputs only as a fertiliser and soil ameliorant
PLANO will not mix 100 percent in water, so it needs an emulsifier at the rate of 25% for thorough mixing. ( add 300 ml organic emulsifier to each 1000ml of Plano , or 3 ml of emulsifier for each 10ml of Plano ) and stir well.
Fertigation: Premix PLANO before adding them to the main tank .Once a proper premix is achieved , then add the mixture to a fertigation tank and mix them by adding more water, till it reaches to a milky solution .Please note if the oil particle floats on the top of this mixture , then this means PLANO is not diluted properly in water , so you may need more emulsifier and keep mixing before letting them to suck through fertigation system.
  • PLANO is natural product ,it so it is safe to soil , plant and environment.
  • PLANO once it is applied will be absorbed quickly through the root systems and flows through xylem and translocate through out plant system
  • PLANO contains gelceriods and lipids , so it helps in following ways
    • Lipids serves as storage of metabolic activity
    • Protection against dehydrations and pathogens
    • Carrying of electrons and absorption of lights
    • PLANO contains sulpher and vitamins , which helps the plants to supply nutrients directly.
    • PLANO will helps in oxidation of soil and creates more aerobic condition .
    • PLANO will detoxify and helps in balancing the soil ph and also to flush excess salt from the soil.

Available Weights: 5 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 200 Ltr, 1000 Ltr