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PLANC as Bio-fertiliser

PLANC [Plant Needs Neem Cake ] is the material left after oil is squeezed out from Neem seeds and is popularly known as the 100% Neem seed cake.It acts as a bio fertiliser and soil conditioner by supplying the required nutrients to plants.

PLANC contains 4-5% of N 1.2 % of P , 1.5%of K , 0.8% Ca ,0.8% Mg , 1,2% S, .014% Copper, 600mg/kg of Iron ,22mg/kg of Manganese ,54mg/kg Zinc and 1.04% of Silica .

It is widely used to ensure a high yield of crops. PLANC can be used as a fertiliser both for food crops and cash crops.

Benefits: PLANC performs the triple function of fertiliser , soil conditioner and soil ameliorates, acts as a soil enricher by providing macro nutrients essential for all plant growth.

PLANC will help in maximising the yield of plants in the long run, PLANC is one of the best bio degradable and Eco friendly agro inputs .

PLANC as a Manure

Manure is any animal or plant material used to fertilise land for improving the soil fertility and thus promoting plant growth.

PLANC as a manure is gaining popularity because it is environmental friendly and also the compounds found in it help to increase the nitrogen and phosphorous content in the soil. It is rich in sulphur, potassium, calcium, nitrogen, etc.

PLANC can be used is used to manufacture high quality organic manure It can be used directly by mixing with the soil or it can be blended with nitrogen fertiliser, vermi compost and sea weed extracts for best results.

Benefits: It is bio degradable and eco friendly, nourishes the soil and plants by providing all the macro and micro-nutrients, helps to eliminate bacteria responsible for denitrifying the soil, increases the yield of crops, helps to reduce the usage of fertiliser, thus reducing the cost of growing plants.

PLANC if applied and incorporated in to the soil either before or after planting will helps the soil to detoxify and to have maximum aeration .The oxidation properties of PLANC will help in enriching the microflora of the soil and thus forming a healthy soil.

PLANC as fertiliser coating agent

Neem and its parts are being used to manufacture urea coating agent to improve and maintain the fertility of soil. The fertility of the soil can be measured by the amount of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous it has.

PLANC if mixed with Nitrogen fertiliser such as Urea and Ammonium nitrate will helps in reducing

Nitrogen losses and also to increase the efficiency.

We strictly recommend to use our Neem inputs only as a fertiliser and soil ameliorant

Available Weights: 20 kg, 800 Kg