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Micro Cal – Granular Fine Lime

About Granular Lime

Granular lime

Experience the transformative power of Micro Cal, a superior granular fine lime specially bonded with micro calcium. This innovative product is meticulously formulated to enhance soil’s fertility, promote healthy plant growth, and maximize your crop yields.

Key Features of Granular Lime:

  • Powerful Nutrient Content: With an impressive calcium content of 34% and magnesium content of 1%, Micro Cal provides a reliable and effective source of essential minerals. Its high Neutralising Value (N.V.) of 95% ensures the purity and effectiveness of the product.
  • Optimal Soil pH Adjustment: Micro Cal acts as the perfect soil pH adjuster, fine-tuning it for optimal crop performance. By neutralizing acidic soils, it creates an ideal environment for your plants, unlocking their full potential.
  • Healthy Plant Growth: Promote vigorous plant growth with Micro Cal. This exceptional lime product supplies essential calcium to the soil, supporting robust plant development and maximizing crop yields.
  • Cost-Effective and Efficient: Reduce your fertilizer costs while improving efficiency. Micro Cal’s ability to neutralize soil acidity prevents nutrient loss and enhances nutrient absorption. Thus ensuring your plants make the most of your fertilizers.
  • Enhanced Soil Aeration: Micro Cal goes beyond pH adjustment. It aerates clays and heavy soils, improving soil structure, root development, and nutrient uptake for healthier, more productive plants.

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Benefits of Granular Fine Lime

Soil Rejuvenation

Micro Cal effectively rebuilds tired and worn soils through remineralization, replenishing essential nutrients, and restoring soil health

Trace Element Enrichment

Micro Cal helps build critical levels of many trace elements. Hence ensuring a well-rounded nutrient profile for optimal plant growth.

Enhanced Soil Carbon Levels

Micro Cal increases soil carbon levels, improving energy, water, and nutrient holding capacity for healthier and more productive plants.

Pest and Disease Resistance

By raising soil pH and promoting stronger plant immunity, Micro Cal enhances the ability of plants and turf to resist pest and disease attacks, ensuring their long-term health.

Improved Nutrient Availability

Micro Cal promotes greater biological activity in the soil, enhancing nutrient availability to plants and supporting their growth and development.

Soil pH Adjustment

Micro Cal raises soil pH levels, creating a favourable environment for plants and facilitating nutrient uptake.

Fast & Long-Lasting Effects

Micro Cal is chelated for fast and safe results, providing quick nutrient availability to plants. It also contributing to sustained plant health and productivity.

Increased Fertiliser Efficiency

With Micro Cal, fertilisers become more efficient as it improves nutrient transportation in the soil, ensuring maximum utilisation of applied fertilisers.

Application Guidelines

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  1. Soil Analysis: Determine the application rates based on soil analysis and in combination with a balanced nutrition program. For specific needs or intense horticulture, consult a qualified Plant Needs consultant for personalized assistance.
  2. Application Method: Micro Cal is best applied through broadcasting or direct drilling methods. You can use horticultural spinner spreaders, belt spreaders, or small walk-behind applicators.
  3. Recommended Rate: The general recommendation for application is 400 kg/ha. However, adjust the rate according to your specific soil conditions and crop requirements.
  4. Compatibility: Before blending Micro Cal with other fertilizers, consult a qualified Plant Needs consultant to ensure compatibility and maximize effectiveness.
  5. Custom Formulation: Micro Cal can be used as a base to uniquely formulate a fertilizer tailored to suit the specific needs of any crop.
  6. Granular Lime: Micro Cal is made from natural lime that is mined, crushed, and ground, and then uniquely granulated/prilled to facilitate easy application. It minimizes dust, making it ideal for built-up areas, parks, gardens, and flower beds.
  7. Application Timing: Apply Micro Cal directly to the soil or as close to it as possible. It can be applied prior to planting or after planting. Avoid tilling the soil after spraying Micro Cal.
  8. Growing Season Application: For optimal results, apply Micro Cal during the early stages of vegetation growth or when the plants are cut low to the ground.

Note: Ensure proper handling and adherence to safety guidelines during application. For any further assistance or clarification, consult a qualified Plant Needs consultant.

For best pricing and discounts, call us at 613 90058578 or email us at [email protected]

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