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Fish ‘N’ N

Plant Needs Fish ’N’ N is derived from Fish Meal and it is a good source of Organic Nitrogen and other nutrients.

(N:10%, P:3.5%, K:1%, S:0.8%, Ca:6.5% plus Amino Acids and Vitamins)

Recommended for your lawn and garden, fruit trees and broad acres. Fish ’N’ N contains approximately 68% protein and is naturally broken down into plant available nitrogen, the protein content equates to about 10% Nitrogen.

Fish ’N’ N is high in other macro and micronutrients as well, contains many essential amino acids and vitamins, which is a good source of food for soil bacteria and fungi.

For an effective results, it is better if you can apply in Autumn, Winter and Mid Spring. Fish ’N’ N will release the Nutrients very slowly without allowing them to leach or waste, therefore Fish ’N’ N applied plants looks always healthy.

The product can be safely used while planting/transplanting or repotting as the product will not burn the roots.

Apply handful (around 100 Grams) to 1m2 of planting area and then incorporate into the soil. Keep the the moisture level constant to break down and to release the nutrients to root zones.

Vegetable Gardens: To prepare new gardens, apply 1.5 Kg/10 Sq.meter area by mixing properly in to the top soil. For new planting/repotting or transplants, add only 2 spoons of Fish ’N’ N and then mix into the soil and water in well. For established plants, top dress them with 50 Grams/Plant, once each month during the growing season. (The rate may slightly vary depending on the plant type, size and growth stage)

Container/Big Pots: For new plantings, add 2 table spoon of Fish ’N’ N per 3 litres or 2.5 Kg/Cubic Meter of soil or growing media, mix them thoroughly. Repeat the same method for established plants.

Trees & Shrubs: Spread 800 Grams/Tree around the base, outwards to the drip line, mix into soil surface and water in well. For new planting, mix 20 Grams in to the planting hole, back fill after planting.

Row Crops/Acreage: Apply 300-400 Kg/Ha depending on specific crop needs or depending on the required nutrients needs.

When you apply Fish ’N’ N to the soil, it is processed differently by direct digestion by microbes such as bacteria, earthworms and fungi. This makes the nutrient available for plant roots to use. Fish ’N’ N will help in recharging the good microbes in the soil which in turn enhances the strength and vigour of plants by increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil. Fungi and bacteria break down nutrients to make them available to plant roots, and then loosen the dirt as they travel, reproduce, process nutrients and decay, leaving soil aerated with improved levels of organic matter. Plant roots grow faster and stronger in this light, airy Fish ’N’ N applied soil that is teeming with life.

As Fish ’N’ N improves the soil health, it also increases soil fertility by providing the primary nutrients necessary for plants to thrive, by offering a source of burn-free nitrogen, along with the other primary nutrients of phosphorus and potassium. Plants that receive a balance of micro and macro nutrients experience strong and steady growth, leading to vigorous, strong and productive that can better withstand disease and pest issues.

For Home and Garden Plants: Fish ’N’ N can be used on yard and outdoor plants. For new garden spaces and containers, apply  Fish ’N’ N to the area up to 1 week before planting. Mix them into the prepared soil and water well to get organisms to work, increasing fertility before plants are added.

For existing gardens and container plants, scatter them onto the surface of the ground and gently work them into the top 1 inch of the soil around plants with a rake. Water well after application.

Available Weights: 1 Kg, 2.5 Kg, 5 Kg, 20 Kg