Unlocking the Power of Fish Blood and Bone Fertilisers for Your Plants

In indoor gardening, natural fertilisers like fish blood and bone fertiliser, fish meal, and blood meal offer numerous benefits. Let’s explore how these organic options can enhance your plants.

Understanding Fish Blood and Bone Fertiliser

Fish blood and bone fertiliser provide essential nutrients for robust growth. It’s suitable for a wide range of plants, including flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This fertiliser offers both an immediate boost and long-lasting results, with a slow release of nutrients over several weeks.

Using Fish Blood and Bone Fertiliser

Using fish blood and bone fertiliser is simple and effective, whether for new plantings or established plants.

  • For New Planting or Seed Sowing: Prepare the soil by ensuring it’s weed-free and moist. Sprinkle the fertiliser evenly over the planting area and incorporate it into the soil. Wash thoroughly after application.
  • For established plants: Keep the area around plants weed-free and moist. Apply the fertiliser around the plants, and water well afterward. Repeat every 4-6 weeks for optimal results.


Fish fertilisers in general provide essential nutrients to support plant growth, including phosphate for strong roots, nitrogen for healthy foliage, and potash for vibrant flowers and fruits.

Bone Meal and Blood Meal: Natural Boosters

Bone meal and blood meal are valuable natural fertilisers that offer unique benefits.

  • Bone Meal: Rich in phosphorus, bone meal promotes robust flowering and healthier blooms. It’s ideal for flowering plants, and it releases phosphorus gradually over several months.
  • Blood Meal: High in nitrogen, blood meal revitalises sickly plants and promotes lush, green foliage. It’s excellent for plants needing a nitrogen boost.

Combining Bone and Blood Meals

Mixing bone meal and blood meal creates a balanced fertiliser for indoor plants. This blend ensures proper nutrient availability and uptake by your plants, promoting overall health and vigour.

Advice for Using Natural Fertilisers

  • Pet Safety: Keep areas where fertilisers are applied away from pets like dogs and cats to prevent ingestion. Alternatively, work the fertilisers into the soil and cover them with a layer of mulch.
  • Avoid Use Around Grazing Animals: Do not use these products in areas accessible to grazing animals like cattle or sheep due to their animal-derived ingredients.

Experiment with different combinations of natural fertilisers to find what works best for your plants, but remember, balance is key to their health and growth.

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