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Neem Cake Benefits

Neem Cake and its Benefits

What is Neem Cake

Neem cake, a byproduct obtained from the de-oiled residue of neem kernels and has many benefits. These kernels are good organic manure for agriculture which protects the plants and crops from fungus and pests. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous are the nutrients available in the kernels which constitute high-level Azadirachtin. Thus helping the crops against parasitic nematodes.

Neem cakes serve as the best soil conditioner and used in agriculture, horticulture, horticulture and turf industry as an organic fertilizer. Neem cake composes various micro and macro nutrients which makes it an organic fertilizer to control soil based on pathogens and nematodes at the same time.

Benefits of Neem Cake

  • Neem cakes are used as a soil amendment as they are bio-degradable and can be used with any other organic fertilizers.
  • It is chemical free organic fertilizer which is safe for crop use.
  • It releases slowly in the soil ensuring the constant growth of crops and plants in the growing season.
  • Neem cake is one of the most cost-effective organic fertilizers as they release slowly in the soil and lasts longer.
  • Neem cake contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and other micro, and macro nutrients so that the plants are fed continuously.
  • t also reduces alkalinity in the soil, as it produces organic acid on decomposition and helps in improving soil texture, water holding capacity and soil aeration for better root development of the crops and plants.
  • It is effective in the management of insects or pests as they are antifeedant, attractant, repellants, insecticide, nematicide, and antimicrobial.
  • It gives better yield than any other conventional fertilizer as they lack the uniformity of the nutrients release that inhibits the constant growth of crops and plants.

Neem cake also control grain moth, lessor grain moth, and red flour beetle and help in the production of earthworms by blocking the soil’s bacteria. The conducive method to make the soil fertile because of its advantages makes it the first choice for the farmers. Additionally, for reduction of nitrification, the neem cake is used with urea and other nitrogen fertilizers.