About Plantneeds

Plantneeds is an Australian owned company that contributes to building a more sustainable world by providing a natural approach to agriculture, food and nutrition.

Awareness of avoiding chemicals in day to day life, preference to improve the soil structure through a proper usage of compost, bio fertiliser and microbes and protecting beneficial insects through a natural way of agriculture .

Investing on research & development by focusing in non-synthetic farm inputs and towering nutritious food is our goal. Plantneeds’s advanced approaches in agronomy is mainly on crop production with less expences. We believe in achieving high productivity through sustainable way of agriculture by recycling nutrients with the view of saving earths floras and fauna.

We are consulting by analysing soil nutrients, symbtoms of pest and disease through soil, crops and animals test respectively. Our range of products along with a combined recommendation of world’s leading natural inputs is up to farmer’s satisfaction level.

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