Agronomic Principles

The aim of any producer is a high yielding, high quality crop that satisfies the end user. There are a large number of agronomic factors which can influence this, many are within the control of the grower, under given growing systems, climatic and soil conditions.

Soil and Water Requirements

Apples trees can grow in a wide range of soils from medium textured clays to gravelly sands. However, poor soils will produce poor results and the best crops are found on fertile sandy soils and loams.
Soils should be well drained. Wet soils lead to poor aeration and increased incidence of crown rot in apples (Phytophthora Cactorum). Generally, rooting tends to be shallow, and wet soils will restrict development, resulting in poor anchorage of the tree and a reduced area of soil from which nutrients can be extracted.

Soils with high organic matter contents are normally better structured and allow good rooting.

Table: Suitable plant needs products for apple cultivation

Apple cultivation
New plantingPLANC and or Bio Fume500kg/haControl Nematodes and many other soil pest and disease , adds plant nutrients
Plants with stablished orchardPLANC - spread and Incorporate in to the soil profile.

ALOE neem- Fertigate @rate of 5 litre /ha ,2 times with in the interval of 3 weeks well before flowering .

PLANO- Fertigate @ the rate of 3 litre /ha ,total 15 litres 5 times during bud initiation flowering and fruit formation , starting ist week of November in Victoria Australia ,till 2nd week of January .
5 litre/ha = total 10litre

3litre/ha =total 15litre .
Helps in fertilising the soil and improves plant health as Aloe-vera with neem will help the plants to regenerate by unlocking available nutrients during the peak growing season.
Plano will help in controlling pest and disease and also it will take part in overall improving plant health by creating oxidation surrounding root zone .
Apple crop SPRAY NEED’- is the best and safe emulsifier /surfactant or wetting agent . from Plant needs .
Use 500ml -700ml of Spray Need in each 1000 litre water .
100 ml in each litre of herbicides, insecticides or fungicides , will increase the dilution and effective spray coverage,Easy dilution , broader coverage and good penetration of all products in to the crops .

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